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US Veteran’s Health Administration "Respectfully Recognizes" Value of Acupuncture

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The Department of Veteran's Affairs now 'respectfully recognizes acupuncture and acupuncturists as a valuable health resource and is making moves to hire practitioners into VA hospitals around the nation." 

You can read more on this here.

"The VA Handbook 5005 document now recognizes licensed acupuncturists as a distinct and valuable profession. Its practitioners will be hired with the potential – depending on what level from GS 9 to GS 12 – to provide multiple clinical and leadership contributions in developing, delivering, enhancing and researching their optimal role in the VA’s clinical teams."

This is a very positive move and will surely benefit many veterans. At the Northside Holistic Center we see many who have served our country for a multitude of health issues related to their service. These issues may range from musculoskeletal issues, anxiety issues, PTSD, and neurologic ailments. 

Mark ReeseVeteran