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Articles About Disorders

We treat many conditions here at NHC and I do my best to write about some of them below. Feel free to search for conditions you are interested in learning more about, as well as to suggest topics you would like me to write more about.

Treatment of Premature Ovarian Failure With Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

This article presents the way in which acupuncturist conceptualize and treat premature ovarian failure (POF) within the framework of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is common to have women present with POF in our clinic as a reason for infertility and it responds very well to acupuncture intervention. The author concludes by saying:

TCM is the most effective and beneficial treatment for POF, which relies on precise diagnosis and differentiation, appropriate acupuncture and herbal prescription. However, we must individualise the treatment programme according to their conditions in order to achieve the best results.

Once the women’s ovarian function is restored, and FSH dropped to normal level, they generally have great chances of conceiving naturally if they continue TCM treatment . . .