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Acupuncture in the News

British New: Acupuncture Beats Fertility Medications . . ."

A new article citing research published in the Journal of Clinical Acupuncture found that acupuncture and Chinese herbology was more than twice as effective as IVF and drug therapies for helping couple conceive a child.  

The alternative treatment was compared to popular drugs used to boost ovulation with scientists finding acupuncture increased the chance of pregnancy to 43.3 per cent compared to 20 per cent through the medication.

Women who struggle with infertility caused by hyperprolactinemia can be helped by acupuncture, a new study has found

Dr Zhiguang Hu, who led the research conducted at the Mawangdui Hospital of Hunan Province in China, said: “One important mechanism responsible for the fertility treatment success with acupuncture is hormonal regulation.

Mark Reese