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Acupuncture in the News

ABC News report: Acupuncture Useful for Cancer Pain, Symptoms

A recent ABC news report/video describes the multiple benefits experienced by patients undergoing cancer therapies who had been experiencing pain due to the cancer and side effects related to the treatments. The report combines descriptions of the firsthand experience from a variety of patients with acupuncture while citing several studies which, "... show [that] acupuncture alone cuts post-chemotherapy fatigue by 31 percent. It also cut hot flashes by 50 percent and slashed overall cancer pain by 36 percent."

Another source on this informationOncology Nurse Advisor recommends acupuncture to manage symptoms of cancer, including fatigue. This is based on many sources, including a UCLA acupuncture study with cancer patients which found that, 

Fatigue was reduced by 66% among the study participants in the treatment group.